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Where houston heads for longnecks and two steps


Quintessential Texas,
and Then Some

Our Armadillo Palace brings the best of Texas together with one dance hall, two bars, three stages, and a state-of-the-art kitchen serving indoors and out. It’s our tribute to the city that's been so good to us for generations—and a celebration of all that makes our buttons-pop-proud to be Texan.

Our Secret Ingredient?

We slow-smoke brisket for sixteen hours, comb the seas for the best Gulf oysters, and beat the sun to the bakery every morning. Because food that’s farm-fresh, handcrafted, and scratch-made—well, it tastes better. It feels better. And boy, does it smell better.

A Place Generations In
the Making

Since crossing the big pond too long ago to count, the Goode family has dedicated itself to sharing the culinary convergence of our flavorful past: the salt of the Gulf, the soul of the South, the spice of the border, and that sweet smoke of Texas. From spit-roasted chicken to grilled redfish on the half shell, our dishes are steeped in tradition— and just as much flavor.

Yonderlust: The Wandering Watering Hole

Born out of a thirst for adventure and the drinks that so often accompany it, our little airstream-turned-bar is the silver bullet we saddle up and haul along wherever a fine time awaits.
Did you know?

The Walk of Fame

Look down on your stroll in and you’ll spot our tribute to Texas born legends in the form of a bonafide Walk of Fame. It’s our way of celebrating those queens of soul and kings of songwriting who set the stage for the next group of greats.

The New Old-Fashioned Bar

Whiskey-forward and born from lore, our Orange Blossom Bar takes its cue from our longtime friend and local music legend, Leon “Pappy” Selph, who played at our original BBQ joint many moons ago. Credited with penning the famous fiddler’s tune “The Orange Blossom Special,” Pappy was known for his love of smooth whiskey and the stories that flow when a few drinks and good company come together.

Tune Into Texas

Local artists. Classic crooners. A dance floor beggin’ for your boots. Enjoy live music from every corner of our palace.
You’ve never seen Texas like this

From live Texas tunes to live-fire barbecue pits, we pride ourselves on going beyond the whole hog. That’s why you’ll find perfectly seared ribeye next to mesquite-smoked redfish, rotisseried cabrito, and veggies lucky enough to be fried in duck fat. And if you’d like a splash of something different before dancing, our specialty cocktails should do the trick.